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July 20, 2016 Comments (0) Oral Health

9 (Yummy) Things to Eat after Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Most people will have their wisdom teeth removed at some point in their life. While the procedure is relatively minor, recovery can be painful if you eat the wrong foods. Because your mouth is so sensitive and healing from the procedure, you’ll want to stick to soft foods. But not all soft foods are fair game either.

Here are 9 foods you can safely eat after having your wisdom teeth removed.

1. Ice Cream

ice cream

Everyone’s go-to favorite food to eat after having dental work done. Ice cream may not be the most nutritious food, but it can bring you some comfort as you recover from your procedure.

Ice cream is so easy to eat – there’s zero chewing involved – and its cool temperature will soothe your aching mouth.

Just avoid eating ice cream in a cone. The crunchy cone may wind up overworking your jaw, and small pieces may get lodged in the extraction site (ouch!).

Opt for flavors without bits and pieces in them (i.e. chocolate chip or cookie dough) to give your jaw a break.

2. Smoothies

If you’re looking for something more nutritious, try a smoothie. Smoothies are a great choice because there’s an endless combination of flavors to choose from. Whether it’s fruits, vegetables or a combination of the two, you can get all of your day’s nutrients in a few glasses a day.

And if you use cold foods, like frozen berries, you get the same cooling effect that ice cream offers, but without the added sugar.

3. Applesauce

Another go-to food after having wisdom teeth removed. Applesauce will satisfy your sweet tooth while giving you important nutrients, like vitamin C and fiber.

Like ice cream, applesauce requires little jaw movement to eat, which can help prevent soreness and move the healing process along.

If you’re feeling up to it, whip up some homemade applesauce.

4. Yogurt


Yogurt is smooth and creamy, but it also packs important nutrients, like calcium and protein. Flavored yogurt is okay, but try to avoid products with granola or added ingredients that need to be chewed.

Simple plain or vanilla yogurt with a drizzle of honey can make for a very satisfying snack.

5. Pudding or Jell-O

Pudding and Jell-O are the two most common foods recommended after wisdom tooth extraction. Neither requires any chewing, and they both come in flavors that just about everyone loves.

Instant packets are available in most grocery stores, which makes preparation a snap. Both also have longer shelf lives, which means you can spend more time recovering and less time in the kitchen.

6. Mashed Potatoes

If you’re craving comfort food after your procedure, mashed potatoes may do the trick. Easy to eat and satisfying in flavor, you can make your own mashed potatoes from scratch, or use instant flakes for a quick snack. Do be mindful of the ingredients in instant potatoes, and try to avoid products with lots of salt or sugar in them.

If you prefer sweet potatoes, you can eat mashed sweet potatoes as well.

7. Soup

Soup is an excellent food to eat after dental procedures. They’re comforting (especially if you’ve had your teeth pulled in the winter), and they provide you with much-needed nutrients to speed up your recovery.

Stick to broth-based or pureed soups to cut down on chewing. Try a creamy carrot soup or a simple cup of bone broth.

Chilled soups or gazpacho are great options, too, if it’s the middle of summer.

8. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is packed with protein and calcium, but it’s also low in calories. It’s easy to eat, too, with minimal chewing involved. Add in some fresh jam or honey for extra flavor if you’d like.

9. Scrambled Eggs

If you’re tired of eating pureed and mushy foods, scrambled eggs may be a refreshing change of pace as you recover. Eggs are easy to chew and quick to cook, which makes them ideal for anyone on the go. Add a little cheese and seasonings for flavor. You can add soft vegetables, too, like mushrooms for added nutrients as you progress in your recovery.

You don’t have to subsist on Jell-O and pudding after you have your wisdom teeth removed. From mashed potatoes to smoothies, soups and even eggs, there are plenty of soft foods that are post-procedure-friendly. Just do yourself a favor and avoid eating anything spicy (spice can cause irritation) or difficult to chew until you’ve fully healed.

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